Saturday, September 6, 2014


It took FIAT nearly nine months to deliver my new car.  In that time, they were quickly ramping up their dealer network (they call them "studios").  I would receive occasional emails from them as they described how things were going and they'd tease us with photos of the assembly line or the special badging our cars would receive.

The Prima Edizione cars came in a choice of three colors.  I chose Grigio (gray) over the Rosso (red) and Blanco (white), and mine had a sunroof included.  Beyond that, the cars all came the same, with the Sport packaging and a few other enhancements like the automatic climate control.

I finally got a call in March 2011 that my car was being delivered to the dealership in Austintown, OH, which is about 90 minutes away.  Our two local Studios had not come alive just yet, so that was the only delivery option available.

The unveiling of the car was a lot of fun.  They supplied each dealer with one car cover that looked a lot like a vintage FIAT 500.  When the customer came to get theirs, they literally unveiled it for you.

Months of anticipation finally paid off.  The car was gorgeous!  It had pep, style, and best of all ... NOBODY HAD ANY IDEA WHAT IT WAS!!!

As time went on, I'd notice little things about the car that weren't quite up to snuff.  Things like paint imperfections, body panel seam gaps, molding that didn't exactly fit, but I ignored them because, after all, it was a FIAT!  What's not to love about that, right?

As time would go on, I would find out.

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