Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bumps in the road

The first year or two of ownership was a blast.  I think I put 35,000 miles on in that time.  It is that much fun to drive.  Going through the Jay Leno likes to say, some slow cars are still fun to drive fast.

Early on, some little funny things started happening.

On several occasions, when using the cruise control, the temperature gauge would peg out and the display would implore you to pull over immediately.  And then it would go away as soon as it came.  I told the dealer several times and they didn't believe me until I brought in a video of it happening.  Ever tried to take a video of your speedometer cluster at 60mph?

Another early defect on these cars was that very speedometer cluster.  All of the gauges on the car are in one pod, and that includes a clock, which would lose a couple minutes a week.  And if the interior of the car got up around 90º during the summer, the whole display would wash out and be unreadable until it cooled off.

When I took the car in for its third or fourth maintenance interval (between 24k and 32k miles), they agreed to replace the speedometer cluster under warranty.  Unfortunately, that took two and a half weeks to complete because the cluster has to be ordered from the factory with your car's mileage programmed in.

And while the car was there for that service, the service manager at the Studio told me that my car also needed several ball joints replaced and the car wasn't safe to drive until it was fixed.  I couldn't believe that ball joints would go so quickly (it should be noted that they can't really blame my driving style for it when you consider that the factory tires are still on the car now at 65k miles and they still have some life left).

But hey, it's an Italian car, it's supposed to be this way, right?

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