Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Come again?

So after nine weeks of waiting for my 500 to get back on the road, I called the Studio and got a little snippy with them about it.

"Is my car done?"

"Yes, it's done.  Well, it's running, but it keeps throwing codes for a bad knock sensor."

"How could that be?  It should be brand new!"

And so I'd go another week or so before I'd get the car back, but gloriously, in mid-May, they finally called and told me I could pick it up.

So I rode down to the Studio with a coworker and picked up the car.  I stalled it twice in the parking lot - in my defense, it had been a while since I'd driven a stick, and the 500 now had a brand new clutch so it felt a little different.

In the days since then, my check-engine light has come on and gone off a few times for no apparent reason, but for the the most part, the car seems to be okay.

All tolled, the car was off the road for nine and a half weeks.  I made three car payments during that time and lost a prized 34-year-old classic automobile.

But above all, I lost faith.  Faith in a brand I had admired and evangelized for.

But I learned a valuable lesson ... let someone else beta test new products.

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