Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fair to middlin'

FIAT did right by the car club in the following years.  They'd throw significant sponsorship dollars at the event and bring their PR folks and their car show experience team.  They clearly wanted to get in touch with the folks who had carried the torch during those years they were away.  And the club members were just as eager to see just what FIAT would bring back to the continent.

Would there be a new Spider?  What about an updated mid-engined sports car like the venerable X1/9?

Wait and see, we were told.

In 2011, FIAT FreakOut was held in Nashville, Tennessee.  It was hot as blazes there, so I decided that I'd take the air-conditioned 500 rather than the Spider.  That paid serious dividends ... I had driven home from Asheville the previous year with the top up because the sun was beating me to death.  

FIAT was eager to get a group shot of all the new 500s together, which amounted to a little more than a third of the total gathering.  

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