Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fix it again...

About 2,400 miles after the engine swap, the bolts on the transmission mount on the engine snapped and the car stranded me. I called roadside assistance and had the car towed straight back to the Studio.

It was obvious to me that something had not been tightened correctly when the engine had been replaced. I called the service manager a few days later and he confirmed it was a broken motor mount. He said they ordered the part and he would call when it was done.

THREE WEEKS roll by before he calls me.

"How did it go?"

"We got the engine mount replaced, however, there is also a tear in one axle boot. We need to order another $400 in parts, and I'm calling to get your approval to proceed."

"Why do you need my approval?  Isn't this your fault?"

"Well, I don't think anyone has made that determination..."

I was starting to get a little hot at this point, and I told him that finding that out was his very next step.  Three days later, he told me the car was done and I could have it back, but the axle seal wasn't fixed. They weren't able to just replace that, it requires the whole axle, which had changed slightly since my car was built, so I'd also need a new control arm, bearing and knuckle.

So I picked up my car and I'm still searching for a good solution for the torn boot.

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