Friday, May 22, 2015

Frayed wires

The Fiat's annual state inspection was due for renewal at the end of April and I knew it wouldn't pass because the license plate lights were both out.  The replacement for the 2012 is to buy THE ENTIRE TAILGATE HATCH as a unit because the lights didn't have a connector on them.  So I took it to my guy and asked him to see if he could splice in a set of the new bulbs the hard way.

The next day he asks me to stop down and look at the car.  He shows me this:

What you're looking at is the wires leaving the body through a flexible loom and entering the hatch for the lights and wiper. Every one of the wires was cut inside that loom.

We both knew a simple splice job there wasn't going to do the trick, so we patched in new lengths of wire with solder and a torch, then pushed that splice into the body so it wouldn't  flex at that point any longer.

How the hell does something like that happen anyway?

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  1. Hi JammerX19

    i got exactly the same problem .. ( Rust , broken Door handle , and now the the wires on the back .. it blow up a fuse and disable Hill-Start and ESC)

    For the door handle, it was BO ( Back Order ) for 6 month !!! ..

    Thanks for sharing